Movie: A Copy of My Mind (2015)

INDONESIAN INDIE MOVIE, A Copy of My Mind, written and directed by Joko Anwar. (watch here)
The movie follows Sari (Tara Basro), an ordinary low-life beautician living in the rumbling city of Jakarta. Sari is an expert in facial; therefore, she chooses to work in a more technology-oriented beauty clinic with high-profile clienteles. Her hobby of watching supernatural movies without spending too much money leads her to visit Glodok, a place full of pirated DVDs. During the occasion, Sari meets a DVD translator named Alek (Chicco Jerikho), with whom she falls deeply in love.

One day, Sari is sent by her boss to give a facial to a certain woman in jail. Apparently, the woman–Mrs. Mirna–is a special convict who is able to live comfortably in prison, with a sprinkle of TV, sofas, fridge, and DVD collections. After finishing her facial duty, Sari steals one of Mrs. Mirna’s DVDs. Things get complicated when Sari finds out that the DVD contains an evidence of Indonesia’s corrupt political campaign, involving Mrs. Mirna. Both Sari and Alek’s lives are instantly in jeopardy due to the stolen DVD. In the end, Sari has to face the horror of losing someone she loves-Alek-to the gangsters hired by (most likely) Mrs.Mirna. Before the movie ends, the disillusioned Sari is pictured hugging Alek, who is not even there. Sari, who finally realizes her stupidity of craving someone who might be dead already, then moves on with her banal life.

The thing that is truly impressive about this movie is the exact depiction of ordinary citizens struggling to live in the hustle & bustle of Jakarta; Sari as a beauty clinic employee, and Alek as a pirated DVD translator. Joko Anwar is truly brilliant, inventing plot twist that exposes the corruption and fraudulence of Indonesia’s politics. The word “copy” on “A Copy of My Mind” refers to the pirated DVD which Sari often buys to reflect how her mind favors western supernatural movies. The serene vibe of the movie does have soporific effect on the viewers, but A Copy of My Mind is truly one of a kind masterpiece.



2 thoughts on “Movie: A Copy of My Mind (2015)

  1. Awesome article!
    I love how you read and write about thought-provoking topics like LGBT, Human Trafficking, etc.
    Keep it up, Cel 😉


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