Movie: Coco Before Chanel (2009)

Today, as always, I was imprisoned by mundane life routines to the point that I decided to watch a French movie online called Coco Before Chanel — starring the beautiful Audrey Tautou. Watch: here

The movie basically follows Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel with her early life struggles, growing up as an orphan and working as a singer in a low-rated pub, before her stardom as a fashion designer. During one of her nightly performances, Chanel meets a Parisian liaison (or you might say, a sugar daddy) who introduces her to high-class people. The connection enables Chanel to indulge in grandeur surroundings: crystal lamps, fancy bedrooms, china plates, overflowing high-society guests, and last but not least — immaculate dresses. The liaison always asks Chanel to wear the feminine dresses with corsets, but she refuses to wear any of them. Chanel’s styles strongly oppose those of other women’s at that period of time. While others choose to wear dresses with a lot of irrelevant flowery ornaments (“resembles the window curtains”, as Chanel says) and extremely tight corsets, Chanel prefers to wear boyish simplistic attire, specifically made by her own hands. One day, Chanel feels utterly revolted with her high-society surrounding; she cannot bear meeting one more rich, shallow-minded Parisian. Alteration is all she craves– therefore, she begins working. Because Chanel has a knack in sewing clothes and designing hats, she makes her first debut by dressing up an actress named Émilienne d’Alençon. At first, Emilienne despises Chanel’s handmade wardrobe choices, as none of them is tight and revealing enough to show off the actress’ breasts and hold up the excess belly fat. Chanel blatantly refuses to follow the ridiculous French fashion style by designing her own clothes that offer modern-simplicity, comfort, and elegance to the wearers.

J’adore le film — I adore the movie. It gives out such pleasant vibe with impressive shots of Paris fancy houses, summery green lawns, outstanding attires.. Audrey’s acting as Gabrielle Chanel was amazing. Well, I definitely should also watch her 2002 movie, Amelie. Obviously the movie is in French, but English subtitle is provided (don’t worry). I did enjoy listening to people speaking French– it’s very enchanting. I envy people who have mastered this beautiful language since little, because right now I am trying to learn French.. with such immense difficulty! Speaking the language itself is beyond my capability (at least, for now).


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