ZAIN ASHER: TRUST your struggle

Back in May this year, I was so fed up with everything that was happening in my life. I craved to study abroad; as a result, I attempted to apply for a undergraduate scholarship in Australia. My mother strongly opposed my decision by refusing to pay for any living cost — if I ever got accepted by the […]

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marc jacobs’ white-dominated fashion show with a dust of cultural appropriation

This past few days, I’ve been following news about NYFW (New York Fashion Week) — such a breeze of fresh air to finally see the fashion world revolving more on the subject of diversity and authenticity. New fashion brands are nowadays representing non-white models with realistic body types. It’s a thriving site to see when […]

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When my brother first left home to study/work abroad, I plunged myself in the sea of agitation — I got extremely sad and lonely. Now, I’m not nearly that depressed because let’s just face it: people in your life will always come and go. It does not really matter much to me anymore when my brother […]