H&M Advertisement for autumn collection circa 2016

(Watch the advertisement : here)

This particular advertisement is only 1 minute 12 seconds long,  but I’ve been watching it for probably 28 times since yesterday afternoon. I suppose H&M is beginning to become woke. I hope it stops hiring average ass ‘models’ like Kendall Jenner (honestly, truly).

The ad starts off with a beautiful girl who bares it all — stomach rolls, back rolls, thick thighs — and still flaunts those imperfections like no other. At some point in this video, an Asian woman walks with effortless confidence to lead a business meeting full of white guys. It’s such a refreshing thing to see, since Asian women are often depicted as timid and conservative in Western media. The girl with the afro, Jillian Hervey from Lion Babe (check out their songs!!! Amazing duo), is beautiful. And have I mentioned that my fave Indian model, Neelam Gill, is featured there? In addition to that, trans model Hari Nef also made an appearance in the advertisement.

While other clothing advertisements mostly present deceiving situations which lack actual context (women walking slow-motion in some classy ass place. skinny women dancing in the rain, twirling with a heterosexual male. etc), this particular H&M ad unapologetically offers realistic images of women wearing attire:

  • wearing underwear, looking at the reflection in the mirror (such a mandatory activity)
  • dining out with friends, getting food stuck between teeth
  • karaoke-ing alone
  • riding the tube/train alone
  • eating french fries with jeans being unbuttoned
  • and so on

The theme song by Lion Babe, “She’s a Lady”, pretty much sums up the ad into one whole impressive yet relatable package. That’s that.


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