gold-digger gili

Gili is a gold-digger she may be 90-something years old but she still craves for the money she never earns.   Gili is a gold-digger she gives absolutely zero concern for those who stands by her side as long as she gets the money.   Gili is a gold-digger she thinks every fucking thing can be […]

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Movie: Bridget Jones’ Baby (2016)

This evening I decided to watch Bridget Jones’ Baby at the nearest cinema by myself, because I’m just a loser like that. Bridget Jones’ Baby basically tells the story of a now 43-year-old Bridget who is still single, as always. There’s still a scene of her blowing up birthday candles by herself on the beginning […]

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pay attention to women’s brilliancy instead of their appearances, please

The other day, I watched Colleen Ballinger’s interview with Jimmy Fallon here. I think it’s absolutely amazing for a Youtuber to be interviewed on a massive platform like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. For those who don’t have any idea who Colleen is: she’s a successful comedian who has millions of subscribers on YouTube by […]

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Mindy Kaling

For a Singapore university’s mandatory essay, I wrote about Mindy Kaling. That essay eventually led me to be accepted to do the entrance exam, but I was not accepted for the real 4-years university experience. Anyway, I’ve been a fan of Kaling since forever and I’m intrigued by her choices in life. Born as Vera Mindy Chokalingham from both […]

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fox news, the epitome of white bullshit

Last week, a white guy from Fox News named Jesse Waters visited Chinatown in New York City to interview Chinese people about the 2016 election (it’s like going to Taco Bell to ask for Mexicans’ opinions regarding Trump’s wall). The segment was supposed to be funny and entertaining, Jesse said. Watch the interview: here. First thing first, why […]

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October Playlist 2016

Songs that I’ve been listening in October: Mad – Solange ft. Lil Wayne (i listen to this 2000 times a day) I Decided – Solange Love Youz – J.Cole No Role Modelz – J.Cole All I Do – YUNA Mountains – YUNA She’s a Lady – Lion Babe Retro – Childish Gambino Get it Together – […]

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