Kat Cole literally goes from being a Hooters’ waitress (the middle one)

Image result for hooter kat cole

to the CEO of Cinnabon.

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When I first saw Kat Cole’s appearance, I quickly assumed that white-privilege and white beauty have helped her to go from being a waitress to a CEO. It might be true, yet I shouldn’t have downsized her struggles.

Growing up with a single mother, Kat had to depend on 10 dollars a week solely for food. When she was 16 years old, Kat attempted to work in various places, from The Body Shop to Hooters. Kat first worked as a waitress at Hooters, where she had to wear revealing attire to attract customers (not that I’m against women wearing revealing clothes: your body, your rules). She literally covered every job vacancies available at Hooters — cook, manager, hostess. This action brought comprehension and empathy to her, regarding employees and their positions. Kat’s strenuous work got noticed by her boss, who then offered her an opportunity to manage Hooters’ branch in Australia. Can’t you believe that? She was only 20 something at that time, but she already brought massive profit for Hooters. In 2010, she was hired by Cinnabon (the bakery tenure). During her first years in Cinnabon, Kat established various partnerships with other brands, such as Taco Bell and Burger King. When she was almost at the acme of her career, Kat was still willing to educate herself by getting a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). In addition to her achievements, Kat served as a mentor to young women and entrepreneurs. Since then, she has been praised as the youngest CEO, and received accolades from Forbes Magazine. Kat Cole’s achievement obviously cannot happen over-night; in fact, she has been building her empire ever since she decided not to depend on 10 bucks/week for food. Kat Cole is truly an inspiration for all.

I read a couple of her interviews, and she reminded me of every ambitious girls that I’ve ever met in my life — full of confidence, intelligence, passion, and spirit. She dropped her undergraduate degree in Engineering only to pursue her dreams. Well, at that time she was offered to handle a Hooters’ branch in Australia.. if I were her, I’d probably do the same thing. Or not. I’m really not that ambitious as a person, honestly.

Kat Cole is someone to look up to if you are interested in climbing the corporate ladder or wanted to succeed in corporate jobs. I’m not even interested in climbing the corporate ladder, or being a freaking CEO. To be frank, I’m the kind of person who gets easily intimidated with competitions, or people like Kat Cole. The reason that I write about her is that.. I admire her intuition in life. She understands her passion well, which leads her to success. She probably never feels like “working” when she is doing her job as she is just doing something that she loves. I wish I could be like her: comprehending my passion with such clarity. But obviously I cannot drop-out from university to pursue the things that I love. I do not have the white-privilege to do that. Or maybe I am just a fucking coward. Either way, I now need to face the bitter reality of having to do my midterms for the next couple of days..


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