fox news, the epitome of white bullshit

Last week, a white guy from Fox News named Jesse Waters visited Chinatown in New York City to interview Chinese people about the 2016 election (it’s like going to Taco Bell to ask for Mexicans’ opinions regarding Trump’s wall). The segment was supposed to be funny and entertaining, Jesse said. Watch the interview: here.

First thing first, why would his mother name a child with “Jesse”? I thought it wasn’t his real name.. It sure as hell is. That is the whitest name I’ve ever heard, but then again who am I to judge. I am also named after a Caucasian pop singer after all. Second thing second, the whole damned video is not funny at all. I could not help but cringe, from the beginning to the end. People from Fox News put short clips of Asian movies, thinking that they would entertain — these white people could not even differentiate between Karate (from Japan) and Wushu (from China). Let me just say this again, the jokes in the video are so bad to the point that you can only cringe. “Do they call Chinese food in China, just ‘food’?”, are people supposed to be laughing at that? According to Jesse Waters’ Wikipedia page, he is a political humorist. This is ironic because the only thing that’s funny about him is his fucking name. Anyway, Jesse is not funny; he is just downright racist and dehumanizing. For the interview, Jesse was asking Chinese elders and making fun of them on national television. Jesse would ask them questions in English, and show the viewers how these old people could not answer him — let me say this again — on national television. It was extremely disrespectful to do that, as these Chinese elders were silent most likely because they did not understand the foreign language. Throughout history, they are myriad of stories about Asian American immigrants being assumed as mute because they simply are afraid to be judged by people due to their low English proficiency. Bottom line, it’s not something to be joked about. Imagine your parents or grandparents being made fun of on national TV, just because they can’t speak English well. Personally, I would get mad at every white people who made fun of my dad’s English ability. If Jesse truly wanted to know serious opinions about the election, why didn’t he go asking people his age or younger, who understood English? Why would he ask the elders?

Another video of Jesse (watch: here) focuses on millennials’ opinions regarding 2016 U.S election. Majority of sane millennials chose Hillary over Trump, yet Jesse still tried to defend Donald Trump by saying things like, “Why would anyone refuse to build a wall around Mexico! Trump is trying to eradicate rapists!” or “How many jobs has Sanders opened for the citizens? None! Unlike Mr. Trump, eh?”. The video showcases the millennials as stupid by cutting down most of their reasonable comments. It’s true that Fox News is an advocate for the Republican (conservative) Party, a literal propaganda for Donald Trump. Nonetheless, the whole thing is just ignorant. I mean, how can you sleep at night after judging every Mexicans as rapists and forcing them to pay for a wall around the United States?

There is also a sexual assault in the workplace, done by the CEO of Fox News himself, Roger Ailes. I think Trump now chooses him to become his right hand, but you know, this information doesn’t matter. How revolting it is for someone with high position like Roger Ailes to sexually disrespect women, yet tries to deny any allegations. The women working for Fox News have always been the exact same prototype: blonde, seemingly stupid on camera, skinny, and Caucasian. However, one of those women is Gretchen Carlson, an anchor with Stanford degree and feminist views who refuses to justify sexual assault on the work place. In the summer of 2016, Gretchen decided to sue Roger Ailes for his inappropriate behaviour towards women, and won. Roger Ailes is now no longer the CEO of Fox News. Still, Fox News is the current most racist, misogynist national TV in the United States. Everyone working for Fox News is white, no diversity whatsoever.

“Fox News masquerades as a defender of traditional family values. But behind the scenes, it operates like a sex-­fueled, Playboy Mansion–like cult, steeped in intimidation, indecency and misogyny.”

I used to think the Western media as something so holy and highly intellectual, but I guess I was wrong.


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