pay attention to women’s brilliancy instead of their appearances, please

The other day, I watched Colleen Ballinger’s interview with Jimmy Fallon here. I think it’s absolutely amazing for a Youtuber to be interviewed on a massive platform like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. For those who don’t have any idea who Colleen is: she’s a successful comedian who has millions of subscribers on YouTube by portraying a hilarious character named MirandaSings. Despite her early failure (losing her Disneyland job), Colleen keeps polishing and inventing MirandaSings until she has now starred in her own Netflix series, sold out stand-up shows everywhere, written a book, gained millions of fans, and gotten into Jimmy Fallon’s talk show. All in all, she’s a brilliant hard-worker.

Image result for colleen on jimmy fallon
The strap is a bit low, but it doesn’t really matter

That’s why commenting on Colleen’s dress for the interview, instead of listening to her talking, is irrelevant. I read the comment section on the video, and most of them was discussing over how the red dress made her look totally naked. One guy said, “She shouldn’t have worn that dress! It looks awkward”. Another said, “I kept thinking her dress was going to fall…”. You know, instead of focusing on the interview, these people went on commenting Colleen’s attire. What a way to dismiss an amazing woman. It’s true that her dress is somewhat too “revealing”, but who the hell cares anyway. She is living her life out there, building her career.. and people still criticize her dress. A dress is just a piece of clothing, for God’s sake. Isn’t it disappointing when people choose to stress on your appearance instead of your achievements?

You may know by now that people do prioritize visuals. If people don’t like what they see, they will most likely blurt criticisms. An archetype of people being assholes can also be seen through Leslie Jones’ Twitter. Leslie, who starred in the Ghostbuster movie and currently hosting for Saturday Night Live, experienced severe cyber-bullying on Twitter due to her appearance. Trolls on the internet were calling her disgusting racist names, such as “king-kong”, “ape” and “monkey”, to the point that she just could not take it anymore. Leslie is a genuinely sweet, funny, and talented woman — nonetheless, people quickly dismiss her just because she does not fit their standard of beauty, with her black skin and 1.83 metres height. Jokes on them though, Leslie now is thriving on SNL and hanging out with other big Hollywood names. I just found out that she’s actually 47 years old! I thought she was in her late 20s… It’s true: blacks really don’t crack.

It’s true that I should not compare Leslie and Colleen’s experiences as both are different; Leslie’s mockeries are more severe compared to those of Collen. What I want to emphasize here is that appearance DOES NOT matter; it did not matter then, and it will not matter tomorrow. People should just focus on critical thinking, passions, and relevant opinions. Man often downsizes a woman’s opinion just because she’s not beautiful enough. A thought is abandoned, ripped off, neglected, merely due to a banal face — it should not be that way. No one should NEVER make you feel inferior just because of your God-given appearance. Absolutely no one. Believe me, there were a lot of times when I felt like I was worth nothing, only because some sweaty pubescent boys told me I was ugly. I did understand that I was never beautiful, but hearing people told me about my ugliness in person was a bit hurtful. At that time, I genuinely wished for people to exist merely as souls, without bodies or faces, but of course it was nonsensical.

Now, I don’t fuss over people criticizing my appearance (I have already accepted that I really am hideous) because I know I am worth more than that. And you are too — you are a brilliant individual, and no one can say otherwise.


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