november playlist 2016

mary jane love – NoName Gypsy (this song is about loving weed) hold me up – NoName Gypsy sunday candy – Chance the Rapper (i love this song so much) angels – Chance the Rapper cocoa butter kisses – Chance the Rapper free – Graffiti 6 feel no ways – Drake u with me – Drake […]

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don’t be an asshole: educate yourself on LGBT issue

The other day, I found some disturbing posts on social media about non-hetero sexual orientations. These posts propagate parents to prevent their children from being homosexuals or trans, as if it’s a disease. Some people are so narrow-minded, they assume LGBT (Lesbian/ Gay/Bisexual/ Transgender) as a name for a fucking illness. That’s why these “educated” motherfuckers try […]

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black mirror (tv show)

What if our severe addiction in technology turns against us? We all live in a world where our popularity is rated based on pictures & texts that we put on social media. Transportations have shifted to a simpler application-based ones, with drivers pleading you to give them 5-star rates. We check on Instagram first thing […]

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you got that daddy money, boi?

When I was 12 years old, I went to a private Christian middle school in a more metropolitan area. Coming from such a small city, I was bombarded by my naivete into thinking that everything would stay the exact same. Obviously, I was wrong. Pre-teens with the age range of 12 until 15 years old were […]

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