Derau: Home-made ceramics by Sekar Puti

I wrote this article for an online magazine the other day.. It’s about Sekar Puti, the woman behind Derau (a brand for home-made ceramics). I just find it so cool how she manifests her feminism into arts! Read her interview with Whiteboard Journal: here


“Girls—women from all ages, ethnicities, and tendencies. Their stories, politics, and powers. Their magic, beauty, and sins”, is Sekar Puti’s answer when asked regarding her art inspirations. As a true feminist, Sekar wishes to portray her perspective into aesthetic by creating ceramics (Derau). Believing that beauty is a subjective matter, she emphasizes on the idea that art shouldn’t have to look entirely flawless and symmetrical to be considered a masterpiece. Everything is one of a kind and made different; what matters the most is how art ignites one’s poetic side, making he/she feels a certain type of way. The Institut Teknologi Bandung’s graduate opposes “Art Imitates Reality” notion by Plato, as there’s a wide range of genre and aim in art—that’s the proof that there is no such a thing as aesthetically true in art. “Sometimes what sparks the right vibe in us is not even considered as a reality; I think it’s an imagination. Since I believe everyone is different, there is an infinite possibility of reality”, elaborates Sekar. Having taken a long time to realize her adoration for ceramic-making, Sekar defines the passion itself as fundamental—“The clay remembers your move, pressure, and hand humidity”. Quoting Victor Zabrockis “If it feels right, it cannot be wrong”, Sekar pinpoints on how beauty can even be found on hideous things. Minimalism, Surrealism, and Wabi Sabi are some of Sekar’s current ceramic aesthetic—however, she eventually forgets all of her initial references as she dwells with her own personal muse.

Image result for deraumade instagram
Image result for deraumade instagram
mermaid spoon???? wow



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