TV Show: Black Mirror (Season 3)

What if our severe addiction in technology turns against us? We all live in a world where our popularity is rated based on pictures & texts that we put on social media. Transportations have shifted to a simpler application-based ones, with drivers pleading you to give them 5-star rates. We check on Instagram first thing in the morning, and continue scrolling throughout the day. Those phenomenons are some of our normal everyday situations, but what if technology becomes our foe?

Originated from United Kingdom, the show Black Mirror clearly depicts the future’s thrilling, dystopian side effects of our technology-fused society. Each episode has entirely different casts and plots. In The Waldo Moment (Season 2), a comedian named Jamie runs for political office only as a publicity prank. Wrecking the voting system with his usual dick jokes and sarcasm, Jamie eventually wins the election without any political experiences or knowledge. The Waldo Moment reminds me a lot of what’s happening now with 2016 U.S-elect President, Donald Trump, whose action symbolizes stupidity instead of wisdom. In Nosedive (Season 3), we get to see the terrifying situations of our lives if we base it on social media’s rating and popularity — all seem fake and pretentious. The character named Lacie has to eventually be imprisoned after receiving low ratings from her acquaintances. After watching Shut Up and Dance (Season 3), I will never be able to look at the “troll face” meme in the same way ever again. Shut Up and Dance is about a hacker who blackmails several people with absurd tasks. In the end, the hacker still publicizes the blackmail materials anyway, and sends the “victims” troll face meme. In this particular episode, the “victims” of the hacker are not actually real victims — they do some bad shit themselves. The point of this episode is to show how the characters that we sympathize with on the first place, aren’t good people. It’s easy to sympathize with one of the victims, a teenager named Kenny, who has given cupcakes to a little girl in the beginning of the episode. Kenny’s webcam is hacked when he’s masturbating; therefore, he has to do every tasks from the hacker. In the end, we get to know that he masturbates to children porn, making him a pedophile. And the rest of the “victims” turns out to be guilty of racism and adultery.

Black Mirror really does give me the chill. I really am now scared of the troll face meme. Other than that, it’s such a good show; every episodes offers different storylines with plot-twisting premises. The term “black mirror” itself literally epitomizes the black screen of our phones, or any other gadgets in general — we can only see our own reflections when the screen turns black.

Image result for black mirror
“the future is bright” indicates the bright screens of our gadgets.

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