don’t be an asshole: educate yourself on LGBT issue

The other day, I found some disturbing posts on social media about non-hetero sexual orientations. These posts propagate parents to prevent their children from being homosexuals or trans, as if it’s a disease. Some people are so narrow-minded, they assume LGBT (Lesbian/ Gay/Bisexual/ Transgender) as a name for a fucking illness. That’s why these “educated” motherfuckers try to prevent, or even heal the LGBT people. First thing first, it’s not a chronic illness that needs to be prevented or healed. If you think that way, well I suppose you are an extreme transphobic, homophobic.. basically an asshole. You can’t go around dictating people about their sexual orientations, just because you think you’re more religious and educated (surprise surprise: you are not). Here, I’ll give you a little bit of knowledge regarding sexual orientation (source: Stanford University Journal):

  •  Several studies also have shown that homosexuality tends to run in families. The probability that the brother of a gay man is gay is about four times higher than normal. It’s hereditary! (the same thing goes for women)
  • DNA studies have identified the general location of at least one “gay gene.” The maternal heritability of male homosexuality narrowed the region where such a gene must reside to the X chromosome, because sons get this chromosome from their mother (the same thing goes for women)
  • Differences between gay and straight sexual orientation appear at a very early age (It does not just happen immediately). In a study, a group of openly homosexual men were asked when they first became aware of their attraction to men and boys, when they realized that they were gay and when they “came out” to others. The group reported becoming aware of their attraction at a very young age, between 5 years old and puberty (the same thing goes for women)
  • Fetal development studies suggest how such a gene might influence such a complex behavior. The development of a fetus into a male is accomplished by the development of the testes, which produce testosterone, which has a wide range of physiological effects. During the perinatal period, a week before and after birth, testosterone has an irreversible organizing effect on the body and brain of males. If the hormone is absent during this period, the individual’s anatomy and behavior never can become wholly male. A testosterone surge during puberty activates male sexual development and behavior (the same thing goes for women)

Sexual orientations are largely impacted by genes, chromosomes, and all of that science shit too! It’s not just about one’s personal choice. Therefore, before you go around degrading others due to their atypical sexual orientations, educate yourself first. Learn from the internet, textbooks, medical journal, et cetera.

For your information, the suicide rate for homosexuals and transgenders is currently increasing over the years, especially for transgenders. Here where I’m living right now, a transgender person is considered as a banci (this word is demeaning), or a cross-dresser, disregarding that he/she has transitioned to another preferred gender. You know what, it’s not cross-dressing if the person has identified herself as a woman. The least thing that we can do is to call transgenders with their desired pronouns. Instead of calling a transgender banci, we should say woman/her/she — because that’s what she wants to be! A woman! Respect her decision! (the same thing goes for a woman transitioning to a man). Refer to the person transitioning with the right pronoun. And if you are still unsure about one’s particular gender, just shut the fuck up. It’s really easy to not mind other people’s business, I can assure you that. Mike Pence, the U.S-elect vice president, is a conservative individual who wishes LGBT people to undergo conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is a ‘treatment’ that erases any homosexual inclination — basically forcing the LGBT people to go back as heterosexuals. This particular therapy is horrifying (read:here), many LGBT teens eventually end up killing themselves. Is it really worth it, suppressing one’s sexuality to the point of a tragic death?

A 15-year-old survivor of conversion therapy ever told his story to The Huffington Post:

‘The first step ― which usually lasted six months ― [is] where they “deconstruct us as a person.” Their tactics still haunt me. Aversion therapy, shock therapy, harassment and occasional physical abuse. Their goal was to get us to hate ourselves for being LGBTQ (most of us were gay, but the entire spectrum was represented), and they knew what they were doing…. The second step of the program, they “rebuilt us in their image.” They removed us of everything that made us a unique person, and instead made us a walking, talking, robot for Jesus. They retaught us everything we knew. How to eat, talk, walk, dress, believe, even breathe. We were no longer people at the end of the program.’

For so long, I’ve always been surrounded with Christianity beliefs. Most of my family members and friends are disgusted with the thought of homosexuals and transgenders. I remember back in highschool, after watching a beautiful gay wedding on the screen, some of my boy friends went, “Ew.. what the fuck is that? Completely disgusting!”. Yep, the idea of two men tying the knot was revolting to them. One family member got so mad at me and said, “Wait until you have a gay kid. You will SUFFER”. I suppose having a kid in general is a form of suffering to me, because I am a mess myself. How the fuck can I take care of another human-being? As I want to point out, I grow up surrounded by myriad of homophobes. People who assume the word “lesbian” as taboo. These are the same people who go to church every Sunday. Talking about church.. I actually have an experience with a homophobic preacher. During a particular Sunday sermon in my local church, the evangelist proudly told the story of how Chick-Fil-A (U.S fast food joint) became very successful after banning gay customers. This story sounds homophobic as fuck, yet everyone seems to agree with what he’s saying: Being homophobic means getting more blessings from God. “According to the bible”, they say. It’s true that the bible seems to disapprove homosexuals with the story of “Sodom and Gomora”, how it is “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”, and how “Hell is the place for people who do not obey God– therefore, don’t be gay!”. But hey, it is extremely easy to just respect others’ personal choices by not pressuring them to be someone they are not. Besides, isn’t God full of love, until He himself ever died for homophobic motherfuckers and assholes? So that being said.. why don’t we just tolerate differences and support the LGBT community? Amen.


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