starboy (2016) by the weeknd

Starboy is the third album by The Weeknd that came out in September 2016. Before this album was released, I only knew a couple of The Weeknd’s songs: “Can’t Feel my Face” and “Earned It”, which was used as 50 Shades of Grey‘s OST. Honestly, truly.. I was not that familiar with the other songs besides those two.

Anyway, Starboy is beyond addictive. My depressed-self has been listening to the whole discography for weeks straight now. Here I’m going to list my fave songs from the album:

  1. True Colors
  2. Stargirl Interlude ft. Lana Del Rey (this song really should be longer)
  3. Secrets
  4. I Feel it Coming
  5. Starboy
  6. Die for You
  7. Love to Lay
  8. Attention
  9. Rockin’



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