Sleeping with Movie Stars by Gitanjali Kolanad: Memoir of an Indian Dancer on (mostly) adultery

A year ago, I listened to Gitanjali Kolanad reading a script of her novel Sleeping with Movie Stars (during a literature panel), which went along like this: “Don’t you hate this part of India?”, I asked the American girl, who also looked out the window while her fingers moved as if covering and uncovering the […]

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january playlist 2017

Sunset – The Internet (the band is literally called “the internet”. it’s awesome) Tightrope – Janelle Monae ft. Big Boi of Outkast Oh, Maker – Janelle Monae (she’s sooo pretty) oui – Jeremih Chain Gang – Sam Cooke (Atlanta’s soundtrack) juwita – Chrisye cintaku – Chrisye r14 – Payung Teduh butterfly – corinne bailey rae […]

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Lekas // Tulus

saat larut dalam sedih tak berhenti putaran ini bumi saat gentar, hela nafas tak berhenti cepatkan laju masa (lekas) hentikan tangismu (lekas) berbinar matamu (lekas) waktumu sangat terbatas (lekas) hentikan tangismu (lekas) hargai nafasmu (lekas) waktumu sangat terbatas yang dicinta datang pergi tak terhindari tekanan hati lirih ajarkan kau bahagia waktu-waktu kian terasa berharga (lekas) […]

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george orwell’s animal farm

Animal Farm is the second George Orwell’s novel after 1984 that I downloaded from the internet. The novel was first published in England on 17 August 1945, the exact day Indonesians had their independence. A quite simple story line, Animal Farm can even be read by a 5-year-old. However, the whole novel is a metaphor criticizing […]

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deceased youth

Deceased (dəˈsēst): No longer living; death Living in Indonesia, I am always amazed at how creative young people here, especially in building their own platforms to monetize themselves. God damn, you can do anything nowadays in voicing your opinions, art, knowledge — if you think that no one offers you any platform, create it yourself. […]

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