deceased youth

Deceased (dəˈsēst): No longer living; death

Living in Indonesia, I am always amazed at how creative young people here, especially in building their own platforms to monetize themselves. God damn, you can do anything nowadays in voicing your opinions, art, knowledge — if you think that no one offers you any platform, create it yourself. Right?

Nonetheless, some people are using their platforms in such a way… that makes you want to re-evaluate your life choices. There is this young girl named Karin Novilda — or Awkarin — who is extremely famous here in Indonesia. I said ‘extremely’ famous because she currently has 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and it’s super impressive for an Indonesian teenager who does nothing except for creating drama (no offense). I find her clever in accumulating a massive number of people to keep being interested in her everyday life. She documents her day-to-day habits with the help of Instagram story, and edits all of her Instagram pictures with cool themes. Yes, she actually edits her photos on Instagram with the same themes over a period of time (or maybe it’s her manager who does all those stuff now). In addition to that, she even raps (or sings?) real bad Drake & Rihanna-ish songs, goes clubbing with her ‘squad’ (damn I fucking hate this word) that changes every 3 months, smokes, and swears every 5 minutes. All in all, she’s annoying as fuck, but hell.. she’s also very famous. Basically, the things that she does are mundane — those are what millennials/young adults have been doing in the West. The thing is.. Awkarin gets all the recognitions here in Indonesia because she does ‘controversial’ stuff, opposing this nation’s culture. Most of her followers are her haters; you see, people always want to know what she’s doing next although they despise her as a person. The same thing happens with the Kardashian clan, right? And look at them now.. they have built their multi-million dollars throne over hatred and petty scandals. Awkarin and all of her cronies have the ability to use petty problems, fighting with ex-boyfriend and friends, posting a video of her crying and swearing all the time, because people are curious—they want to know more. What’s so cool about swearing every 5 minutes, anyway? The whole point of swearing is to relieve yourself from anger or as a joke, but not every 5 minutes.That’d be excessive and downright boring.

Deceased Youth here doesn’t mean that people like Awkarin should be eradicated — it just means that nowadays, popularity seems to be more relevant to teenagers than them attempting to making alteration. “Well, who doesn’t want to be popular”, you asked. I did crave popularity too. I wanted to be popular so badly, I tried to be funny (my jokes are the worst), to be pretty (obviously I fail), to be someone I am clearly not. I wished to be like those pretty people who seemed to get everything they ever wanted. Honestly, just be you. Deceased Youth here means people are busy being someone they are not, to the point that they forget things that matter — education, knowledge, global calamity and shit, hobbies, talents; those things are dead to them. I mean, it’s none of my business. No one should ever judge anyone doing things that make h/she happy. However, it’s such a shame for people with large followings like Awkarin to not cover essential matters that might educate others. She has all the power to use her massive platform to establish change for a better generation living in Indonesia, or to dwell more into her talents and passion, but nope. Creating endless drama is more important to her — for God’s sake, she is almost 20. Not even a child.

Anyway, it’s really none of my business, yet I just find it funny how Awkarin refuses to use her ridiculously huge platform for good. Instead, she just goes around doing shit that excites 15-year-olds. And that my friend, what I call “Deceased Youth”. Then again, everyone’s opinion is different, I am just voicing mine.


2 thoughts on “deceased youth

  1. Nicely written piece that sums up what our generation today has been reduced to. Personally, I feel that these so-called ‘Instagram personalities’ live in a fantasy world, and when one day they lose their so-called popularity created from pettiness and drama, they will no longer be able to function: just like so many child ‘stars’ out there who have gone off the rails. It’s always better to build yourself up on something that can inspire positively.

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