sarin gas attack in syria

According to Wikipedia, sarin  or GB (G-series, ‘B’), is a colorless, odorless liquid, used as a chemical weapon due to its extreme potency as a nerve agent. It is generally considered a weapon of mass destruction. Sarin is an organophosphorus compound with the formula [(CH3)2CHO]CH3P(O)F. Even extremely low concentration of sarin can kill a person in 10 minutes. The agony between the first until tenth minute includes lung muscle paralysis to permanent nerve damage. The use of sarin as a chemical weapon has dated back until the 1950s — one of the famous catastrophes was the Tokyo subway sarin gas attack in 1995 by a terrorist cult, with Haruki Murakami attempting to write a whole novel about the incident. Recent use of sarin as a chemical weapon happened in 2013 and 2017, both done by the government of Syria to its own people. The death toll in 2013 was quite high, ranging from 322 to 1729 people, while at least 74 people died in 2017 sarin gas attack. Why would the government of Syria be attacking its own people with sarin, though?

For those who don’t know, Syria is a massive country in the Middle East that is currently experiencing an ongoing war. This particular war, Syrian Civil War, happens between the government of President Bashar al-Assad (shortened as President Assad) with his opposition cults/rebels. To have the whole lot of government be opposing against you, that’s what the rebels must have felt right now. This Syrian Civil War started back in 2011, with one of its chaotic peaks being the war in Aleppo. Aleppo is a major city in the heart of Syria, with population over 2 million people, that is currently battled between the government of President Assad and Syrian opposition. Used to be Syria’s major financial and industrial center, Aleppo now suffers because of the ongoing war, killing little children and altering their perspectives that they will never find happiness again. People from Aleppo who migrated to neighbouring countries such as Turkey were surprised to find how they could still find peace. During the end of 2016, the war was worst, trapping citizens and journalists in the city of Aleppo, with bombs raining all over them.

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War is happening at this moment, during the modernized civilization of 2017, in Syria’s major city called Aleppo.

What I want to inform you right now is the deadly sarin gas attack that happened in April 4th, 2017 — the chemical attack in a town called Khan Shaykun that made the U.S government to launch a missile bombing on Syria’s Air Base. Early in the morning, approximately at 06.30, a rocket attacked the city and left people dying right here and there. The victims directly experienced the side effect of sarin, which included decreased heart rate, suffocation,  fluid in the lungs, foaming at the mouth, unconsciousness, spasm, and paralysis. A few hours after the sarin gas attack, the clinic that treated the patients got attacked again by an airstrike. Although this chemical attack is highly attributed to the Syrian government, the government itself has refused to take any responsibilities. Government officials argued that they would never use any chemical weapon to Syrian citizens, not in the past or even in the near future. However, media suspects that the 2017 sarin gas attack was caused by the government of President Assad, just like what he did during the attack in previous years when battling his oppositions. Regardless of who actually caused the sarin attack, the people of Syria, specifically of Khan Shakyun, are agonized by the deadly chemical substance.

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A father who directly lost his two children after the chemical attack in Syria.

The problem is, sarin gas attack in Syria does not only happen once — it happened simultaneously during the Civil War, and might be happening again in the future. Back in August 2013, the government sent two rockets to attack rebel-controlled areas with sarin substance. As I have told you before, a lot of people died, approximately 1700 in numbers. I used to think it was unbelievable that the government itself would be the one sending the attack on citizens. At that time, I did not really understand about the on-going war that is currently happening inside the country, between the President and his rebels. Now, it makes more sense to me — despite the government’s refusal to admit its illegal use of chemical weapon on citizens, it cannot be denied that human rights are heavily violated in Syria. Destroying every nerves in the body in the most unimaginably painful way, that is what the chemical called sarin does to citizens of Syria. To die a suffering death, innocent lives have to be given up. For what — Money? Power? Fame? The idea of “democracy”? The year is 2017 and there is still a war happening — it’s not a Captain America: Civil War Movie. This is real life, real victims.

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