Looks do not matter: All girls are pretty

Every girl is beautiful in their own ways. It’s like flowers and christmas lights — they are both pretty, but different in forms.

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I thought boys would stop making fun of girls’ appearances when they had graduated from high school, but I guess I was wrong. Some boys think they have invented humor when they make jokes about how ugly certain girls are. Don’t these boys ever think that some girls might feel very insecure about her “flaws”? Don’t they ever think that words might be triggering to some people, especially sensitive girls? How do you reduce an individual’s brilliancy, passions, emotions, and intelligence to only a small matter such as “appearance”? Why would you belittle someone out of something that is God-given? Mocking a girl’s appearance is never funny, you see? Especially when the girls do not laugh, especially when these girls have already felt insecure about themselves. I swear some boys be saying the meanest, rudest, most insensitive shit and proceed to cover it all up with a “Hahaha just kidding!”. Just kidding, my ass.

I’m not generalizing boys here, I know everyone is different. I’m just writing this based on my experiences. Sometimes I see boys saying mean shit to girls, and I just want to fucking slap the shit out of these assholes. I just don’t get it: why would these boys still be laughing, when the girls obviously did not laugh at their so-called “jokes”. Of course I never slap any boys at all, since I’m a coward who is genuinely afraid of conflicts.

If you’re a girl and you feel insecure because some people make fun of your appearance — well, don’t be! Beauty comes from within, and how you look doesn’t exactly define you as an individual. You do NOT need validations from any other person besides yourself. Besides, looks are NOT that important — the most important things are way beyond such vanity, way beyond a face and a body. Kindness, passion, patience, genuinity, brilliancy, happiness; these things define you more than how your face looks like, or how much weight you gain over the past few years. What matters the most is your soul! Sometimes I wish we were born without bodies and faces, but then we would be ghosts. And for girls who still gossip and find humor in making fun of other girls’ appearances…. well don’t. Just stop, because that shit is toxic as fuck. Why should we tear down other girls who can be our allies and supporters in this destructive world? The world is already crumbling to pieces in terms of humanity, why should we add more despair by making fun of other girls’ looks, you know what I mean? I used to be toxic too, but now I realize that the world is more than just being pretty. Every time I want to joke about a girl’s appearance, I always hold myself back by saying this out loud in my head: “You think you are perfect, bitch? You are not, so shut the fuck up”.

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All girls are pretty, except me — I have never thought of myself as beautiful, I must admit that. That was probably why I never cared about how I looked, as long as I was happy in my own world that I created for myself. Even when some petty ass girls were mean to me back in 7th grade, I was never insecure about my looks. Some of those girls would say something like, “I know you want to look like me. I know you want to be just like me!“. To be honest, I did not want to look like them. I was just upset for being shouted at for absolutely nothing. Even when my friends were dating and all, I did not really care. As I’ve said before, I did not expect much from boys, knowing that I looked completely boring. So there I was, having crushes on boys, without having any expectations of being liked back. Then I got into highschool, when I had a massive crush on a guy. Basically he did not like me back, which was fine. If only his rude (yet true) words didn’t make me feel like shit all the time. There I was for the first time in my life, thinking: “Wow I really am one ugly bitch”. From that point on, I began to feel extremely insecure about how I looked. That insecurity then developed into self-hatred and overall lack of self-confidence, but I still managed to laugh at this guy’s jokes at that time — I mean, you always want to impress your crush, right? In this case, I was the wrong one! I made a mistake by searching pity, in the form of attention, from someone else.

Therefore, never ask any validations from other people because you’ll end up disappointed! Your crush might not like you back, but you should not feel bad about yourselves — he might think that you are not good enough for him, and that’s okay! Everyone is made differently, one-of-a-kind. I know that loving oneself can be hard, especially for someone dealing with stress, depression, anxiety, insecurity, and all. But as I’ve said before, appearances do not matter since girls are all pretty in their own ways!


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