Movie: Hidden Figures (2017)

It is easy to assume that being an astronaut is a one-man job. The truth is, behind the success of an astronaut landing on the moon or a spacecraft orbiting another planet, there lays the hard work of engineers. The movie Hidden Figures (2017) emphasizes on the impactful work by African-American engineers, specifically Katherine Johnson, […]

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Perempuan Penembus Batas (Majalah Tempo) dan Interseksionalitas Feminisme

Menurut dosen filsafat Universitas Indonesia, Gadis Arivia, feminisme haruslah inklusif dan majemuk. Pada dasarnya, ideologi feminisme harus mengacu kepada interseksionalitas yang mencakup setiap gender, etnis, dan seksualitas. Seseorang bukanlah feminis apabila ia mendukung hak wanita karir tetapi mencemooh, biasanya dengan dasar-dasar gamblang agamawi, pilihan wanita panggilan  dalam mengekspresikan seksualitasnya. Seseorang bukanlah feminis apabila ia mendukung […]

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Mindy Kaling

For a Singapore university’s mandatory essay, I wrote about Mindy Kaling. That essay eventually led me to be accepted to do the entrance exam, but I was not accepted for the real 4-years university experience. Anyway, I’ve been a fan of Kaling since forever and I’m intrigued by her choices in life. Born as Vera Mindy Chokalingham from both […]

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Kat Cole literally goes from being a Hooters’ waitress (the middle one) to the CEO of Cinnabon. When I first saw Kat Cole’s appearance, I quickly assumed that white-privilege and white beauty have helped her to go from being a waitress to a CEO. It might be true, yet I shouldn’t have downsized her struggles. Growing up with […]