movie: Belle (2013)

watch the movie for free: here If you have already watched Beauty & the Beast, you might be familiar with this character, Plumette, played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw: Mesmerized by Gugu’s beauty, I decided to find out more about her. It turns out that Gugu ever played in a phenomenal 2013 movie called Belle, an internationally-acclaimed […]

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Movie: Hidden Figures (2017)

It is easy to assume that being an astronaut is a one-man job. The truth is, behind the success of an astronaut landing on the moon or a spacecraft orbiting another planet, there lays the hard work of engineers. The movie Hidden Figures (2017) emphasizes on the impactful work by African-American engineers, specifically Katherine Johnson, […]

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Movie: Lion (2017)

Seeing the movie poster above, most people might think that Lion is a romance film. In all actuality, the romance part of this movie is almost irrelevant — that’s why the poster above can be misleading. But Indonesians favour romance movies anyway, it might as well boost the sales. The international movie poster should have […]

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black mirror (tv show)

What if our severe addiction in technology turns against us? We all live in a world where our popularity is rated based on pictures & texts that we put on social media. Transportations have shifted to a simpler application-based ones, with drivers pleading you to give them 5-star rates. We check on Instagram first thing […]

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