Kaum Rohingya dari Myanmar

Sekitar sebulan yang lalu, Presiden Jokowi berinisiatif untuk membantu kaum sipil Rohingya dengan mengirimkan bahan makanan ataupun obat-obatan — beliau berharap kekerasan terhadap kaum Rohingya segera dihentikan. Siapakah kaum Rohingya? Rohingya adalah sekelompok Islam minoritas dengan etnis Indo-Arya yang tinggal di daerah Rakhine, bagian pantai barat Myanmar. Media internasional dan organisasi HAM mencetuskan Rohingya sebagai kaum paling […]

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Neo-Nazi & White Supremacy: A Tale of Modern-Day Racism

On Saturday, August 12th 2017, a violent protest broke in the outskirt of U.S (Charlottesville, Virginia) where white supremacist went crazy over the removal of a confederate statue. Confederate is an ideology of slave-ownership, originally formed by 7 states in the Southern areas of U.S, whose economy fully depended on plantation system that exploited African-American slaves. […]

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Korean Plus-Size Models

As you have probably known before, Korea is famous of its skinny K-Pop idols who do crash diet to maintain their stick-thin bodies. In fact, the singer IU has this famous diet which only involves eating an apple and sweet potato for a day. Crazy thing is, most girls in their late teens and early […]

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Last Meal before Execution

Everyone dies, and everyone needs food to live. If you were given the choice to have your very last meal before you die, what kind of food would you choose? A few months ago, I watched this Buzzfeed video (watch: here) about prisoners’ last meals. Most states in America use the term “last meal” to […]

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u got that daddy money, boi?

Daddy prolly snitched, heritage inside your DNA -DNA, Kendrick Lamar (2017) per usual, he told me to never take anything seriously because he was “only joking”. Aren’t jokes supposed to be funny though, not condescending? When I was younger, I wish I had the understanding that we were all only a bunch of broke teenagers who […]

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