August Playlist

steal away – Rendy Pandugo we find love – Daniel Caesar streetcar – Daniel Caesar biarlah – Soulvibe akad – Payung Teduh pink + white – Frank Ocean miserable america – Kevin Abstract get you – Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis drew barrymore – SZA 7 days – Rendy Pandugo money – Amine we ain’t […]

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Neo-Nazi & White Supremacy: A Tale of Modern-Day Racism

On Saturday, August 12th 2017, a violent protest broke in the outskirt of U.S (Charlottesville, Virginia) where white supremacist went crazy over the removal of a confederate statue. Confederate is an ideology of slave-ownership, originally formed by 7 states in the Southern areas of U.S, whose economy fully depended on plantation system that exploited African-American slaves. […]

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Movie: Pride & Prejudice (2005)

I know most people here don’t really watch historical period dramas which involve white people wearing boring old clothes. However, if you are interested in a romantic storyline and emotionally bewitching characters, you should try watching Pride & Prejudice, the 2005 version (click: here). Based on Jane Austen’s novel with the same name, Pride & […]

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Korean Plus-Size Models

As you have probably known before, Korea is famous of its skinny K-Pop idols who do crash diet to maintain their stick-thin bodies. In fact, the singer IU has this famous diet which only involves eating an apple and sweet potato for a day. Crazy thing is, most girls in their late teens and early […]

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#1: Ines & Bahasa Tionghua

Di tahun 2000an, terdapatlah seorang anak bernama Ilana Anastasia Esterita, yang dapat juga dipanggil sebagai INES. Ines ialah perempuan berkebangsaan Indonesia, seorang cino-jowo. Maksudnya, Ines ialah keturunan Cina lahir di Jawa, tepatnya di suatu kota yang lumayan kecil apabila dibandingkan dengan kota Melbourne (Ines tidak pernah ke Melbourne). Ines nyaman dengan kota kelahirannya tersebut, tetapi […]

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